About Us

Emily Yip founded her firm in the year 2000 to provide high quality intellectual property services for clients in Hong Kong, mainland China and throughout South East Asia.

Emily Yip & Co has grown consistently since then and now handles patent, trade mark and design cases in Hong Kong, mainland China and Macau for local clients, foreign associates and direct corporate clients in USA, Japan, Europe, Australia and elsewhere. A network of trusted and reliable international associates has been created to ensure the highest standard of overseas representation at competitive prices.

We take pride in the precision and accuracy of our services combined with responsiveness to each of our clients' requirements.

The launch of the new firm allowed state of the art office systems to be developed, including bespoke software for controlling and management of portfolios and individual cases.

Emily Yip & Co has received annual awards for a number of years from the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department as a top e-filer since the commencement of the e-filing system in 2003.

Emily Yip & Co has main offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and a representative office was established in Macau in 2001.